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Bellingham Bay Hotel & Drummond Building: 907 & 909 Harris Ave. Built in 1901, the Bellingham Bay Hotel housed a busy brothel in the red light district of Fairhaven. Decent women did not venture unescorted below 9th Street because of the bordellos and saloons. Current shop owners at Fairhaven Hardware, Nature's Window, and office dwellers here, as well as in the new Drummond Building, have reported thumping sounds, store music going on and off and footsteps in the hall.

Finnegan's Alley: 1114 Harris Ave. Current and former owners of The Fairhaven Pub site don't hesitate to talk about the resident ghost, seen by a DJ, and visited often since. As he was closing up "it" appeared as a blurred reflection in a glass door. As he stared it disappeared. The current manager also reported receiving a gentle hug one day, and as recently as Sept. 2002, she was talking with a plumber in the middle of the club, when the TV came on all by itself. They stood shocked, talked about the ghost and the TV turned itself off.

Nelson Block (1900): 11th & Harris-Southeast Corner. This corner building served as a bank for over 30 years. Rumors persist of a sound of someone walking on glass at night in the upper levels. It is said a 17 year-old woman died in a dentist chair there and continues to walk the halls. In the 1970s a human skeleton was found buried in the basement as the building was being rennovated. Former restaurant employees in that space reported many disturbances and were uncomfortable working there, as the air was frigid and strange noises were heard after dark.

Quinby Bldg: 1007 Harris. In the year 2000, employees of the Doggie Diner, were frightened by the sounds of drawers opening and closing in the office upstairs when no one was there. When employees investigated, an office chair rolled toward them. A computer typed things over and over. In the shop, shelves fell from walls and pictures and wall decorations flew nightly from one wall to an opposite floor. A clock fell on an employee's head. The manager reported a tug on her pony tail, someone saying "good morning" and nearly all staff heard babies crying. No one wanted to work after dark. When the owner finally sold the business, she was required to disclose the ghosts in the real estate listing. This spot was "Benton's Bath Parlor & Tonsorial Palace". Some wonder if surgery is still taking place.

The Red Bus: Corner of Harris Ave & 11th St. Unknown footsteps and creaking doors are commonplace to the workers at Jacci's Fish & Chips inside the 1948 English double-decker bus. Since their 1999 opening employees have heard strange noises both upstairs and down while working alone. Jacci herself was greeted one morning by a formerly broken stereo playing music. Some speculate the supernatural noises originate from the 50-year old bus itself, but knowing nothing of it's British history we can't speculate. However,the spot where the bus now stands was home to the Town Marshal's office in the 1890's. Marshal Parker had left after one year in office for Buenos Aires with the city treasury. Perhaps he is now trapped here to pay his eternal penance.

Fairhaven has many more hauntings. You may download the City of Fairhaven's vistors guide for a complete list of the town's haunted places.

Fairhaven Brochure #1 | Fairhaven Brochure #2


Fort Lewis

The Woods: At night, sightings of ghost apparitions are seen in the woods on North Fort Lewis. A few people say they have seen mysterious cloaked spirits, along with spirits of Native Americans.


Friday Harbor

Roche Harbor Resort: The Mausoleum by the cemetery in Roche Harbor. There are stories that late at night on a full moon you can walk up the long trail that leads to the mausoleum, and once you arrive you can see the six people that are buried under the seats around the table, sitting there laughing and talking. It is also reputed that when it is raining you can sit at the table, and even though there is an opening in the roof of the mausoleum no rain will come in.



The Bush House: Many people have claimed to see the apparition of "Alice," a young woman who hanged herself at the turn of the century when she heard that her lover was killed in a mining accident. As it turned out, her lover had not died; he came home and found her dead. One staff member I interviewed, recalls the name of one of the spirits, as, Annabelle. I believe theres many ghosts here, as I saw in my preliminary photos there.


Lake Steves

Lake Stevens Lake: A woman died here when she drove through a railing into Lake Stevens. People have claimed to see her floating above the water, staring at people as they drive by.


Long Beach

The Lamplighter Restaurant:
A ghost inhabits the bar area, who plays pool (while others were trying to have a game, of course) and does various other obnoxious things like turning lights on and off. The ashes of a deceased patron, who was suspected of being the ghost, were found sitting on the mantle of the restaurant's fireplace. They were removed, and most activity stopped when this was done.



Monticello Middle School: Legend has it that while this school was being built, a young girl died on the site. She had often taken cookies to the workers, but was victim to a terrible fate one day when she fell in an area of freshly poured cement. Her ghost has been seen wandering the halls of the school at night, humming a tune. The girl's footsteps have been heard as well.



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